Renting With Hidup Makes Life Easy

1. Search and Enquire
Search through our quality homes to rent that suit your lifestyle and budget. We have apartments, houses, resort-style villas and studios for mid to long term rent in Indonesian cities of Jakarta, Bandung, Makassar, Yogyakarta and others. Alternatively, submit your property requirements (click here) and we will provide you with a list of properties that suit your needs.

Each property is personally inspected, and our team prepares professional photos, floor plan, HD video tour and records a detailed home and location description written from the perspective of local. This allows you to virtually inspect the property anytime you wish in addition to reviewing local attractions and the landlord’s rules.

We guarantee that what you see in the tour is what you get when you arrive. Virtual inspections eliminate language barriers, sitting in traffic, or the frustration of getting lost or agents not turning up at time (or at all). Our platform allows you to secure your property before you arrive in the city so there is no need to find temporary accommodation while you spend an exhausting couple of weeks trying to attend inspections.

2. Book
When you make a booking request on your desired property, the landlord will receive a request and will need to decide whether to accept or reject your booking request (within 24 hours). If accepted, you will be automatically charged the ‘Initial Payment’ and a small ‘Booking Fee’.

Initial Payment is the first month’s rent. We hold this payment until you have moved into the property before we release it to the landlord. This process protects you against fraud.

Booking Fee is a percentage of the total contract value that assists us with processing the booking and creating the virtual tours of each property

3. Confirm
Once the booking request has been confirmed and the payment has been processed, we will put you in contact with the landlord (or representative) via email, so you can digitally sign the lease, arrange the move-in time and key collection. Some properties do require a deposit to be paid after signing the contract and this will need to be paid prior to moving into the property.

4. Move In
The home is now all yours. Most of our properties have a concierge that will assist you with moving in and for other properties you will be meeting the landlord/representative at the property at a pre-arranged time. The Initial Payment will be transferred from Hidup to the landlord within 48 hours after you move in, and future rental payments will be paid directly to the landlord (or representative) according to the rental agreement you signed. The Hidup support team will still be available 24/7 throughout the term of your lease.

Hidup Rental Guarantee

Booking mid to long-term accommodation online can be a commitment, so protection against fraud and a guarantee that the property will be in the same or better condition as advertised. If it is not the same as shown in our property listings, we will find alternative accommodation for you.

About Hidup

What is Hidup? is an online property platform that connects landlords with qualified tenants (expats, students and locals) searching for medium to long term rental properties in six of Indonesia’s most popular cities including Surabaya, Makassar, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali.

Why Rent Through Hidup?


  • We act as a “Renter’s Agent” to find you the best property at a great monthly rate.
  • Secure payment – we transfer your rent payment to the landlord 48 hours after you move in.
  • 24/7 customer service support.
  • Virtual tour – images, video and floor plans are created by us, so what you see is what you get.
  • Hassle free – no need to inspect properties or deal with landlords.
  • Safe – all homes are inspected by Hidup professionals prior to listing on our platform.

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